Nancy A. Anderson, EdD

Chapter 1:
Introduction to the World of Children’s Literature

Chapter 2:
Elements of Quality Children’s Literature

Chapter 3:
The Art of Illustration

Chapter 4:
Early Childhood Books

Chapter 5:
Traditional Literature

Chapter 6:
Modern Fantasy

Chapter 7:
Animal Fantasy

Chapter 8:
Multicultural Literature

Chapter 9:
Contemporary Realistic Fiction

Chapter 10:
Historical Fiction

Chapter 11:
Biography and Autobiography

Chapter 12:
Informational Books

Chapter 13:
Poetry and Verse

Chapter 14:
Teaching Reading through Literature

Elementary Children’s Literature

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• Reader-friendly text that has relevance for both teachers and parents

• Extensive bibliographies of recommended books in each chapter

• Exclusive chapter on animal fantasy, the most popular genre for young children

• Helpful information on teaching reading through literature

• New chapter on the Art of Illustration in children’s books, including visual elements of artistic design, styles, and media/​techniques

• Current literary issues and ideas for integrating literature and technology in all chapters

• Unique chapter written by minority literature specialists, featuring works by minority authors and illustrators

• Information on Dewey decimal system of classification for library books

• Glossary of more than 200 literary terms

Selected Works

Providing guidance for teachers, parents, and grandparents on books to select for their children, based on sales for the past 100 years