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What Should I Read Aloud? A Guide to 200 Best-Selling Picture Books

A Guide to 200 Best-Selling Picture Books

International Reading Association
ISBN 978-0-87207-679-2

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This book provides the guidance teachers and parents need on which books to select out of more than 50,000 children's books in print. It describes the best-selling picture books of the last 100 years, giving emphasis to those of high literary quality that appeal to today's children.

• Written for teachers, parents, and grandparents who want guidance on picture book selection


• Contains descriptions of the all time best-selling picture books, as well as newer bestsellers


• Grouped by suggested age levels, making it easy to locate good books for your children


• Annotated with title, author, illustrator, page length, current publisher, and original copyright year, followed by synopsis


• Information on how best to share picture books with young children and help them learn to read


• Features comprehensive indexes with titles, authors, illustrators, topics, themes, and genres